26 March 2010

My Talented Sibling

My younger brother and only sibling is an actor.  But his photography is outstanding!!  He took some of my favorite photographs at our wedding, and I love when he does super detail shots of things to change there context.  Sorry there are so many, but I couldn't edit any more.  I really love all of these.  Hope you enjoy a little eye candy this morning.

I kinda want a really large...18x20" print for above my bed.  Either the pier or the candles.  
OK...back to my sketch book!


  1. very fun photos. i think i've got them all figured out, except number two and number five. i give up, what are they?

  2. a message from the sibling:
    first, thanks to my sister for the publicity, and second, thanks to everyone for checking out the photos.
    picture #5 is algae on the pond in patterson park.
    #2: a theatre company i worked for in new hampshire also runs a paintball course. this is a photo of a wall with about 4 or 5 years of exploded paintball buildup on it. the tires in the following photo are from the paintball course also.
    glad you enjoyed them, Andy

  3. These are really great photos! Thanks for sharing them!