29 April 2011

The Big Easy

Whew! As if being a new Mom wasn't challenge enough, I decided to plan a bachlorette party too!  And I am so glad I did, it was a fabulous weekend.  Great food, perfect group of girls, perfect weather, fantastic house rental and the right amount of shenanigans!  There are only a few pictures to protect the innocent ;-)

A walk on Bourbon St. isn't complete without a random parade.  The house we stayed at was a B&B which we had the complete run of.  It was called The Collinwood house. 

P.S  Thank everyone for continuing to check in and all the great support!! It definitely encourages and inspires!

28 April 2011

Showering a Friend


A very good friend of mine is getting married and we are in the midst of many celebrations for her.  She is one of those people that always organizes festivities for others and as one of my bridesmaids she went above and beyond.  So now that I have the chance to return the favor I am having a ball!

We threw a shower for her with the girls from the salon. It was a blast.  Another co-worker and I came up with the idea of a bridal tree.  Totally our brides style!  We ornamented it with luggage tags and other fun bridal items. It was a hit, as were these yummy cake pops that I made!  I am not usually a baker, but these turned out really good. I made chocolate and buttercream with pink coating.  I was proud.
Here is the recipe

Next event I think I will just make them as cake balls, unless Miss V would like to co-operate with process.

26 April 2011


Although I grew up in religion, I consider myself less religious more spiritual.  I love the renewal aspect of the holiday. The fresh start the coincides with the reawakening of all the trees and flowers.  Particularly this year!  After what seemed like and extra long hibernation.
Miss V and I are so happy to be out and about in the sunshine, and I am finding stolen moments here and there to remember myself as more than a Mom.  I am determined to get a running schedule worked out and piece by piece I am building me Etsy store.  I hope the unveiling is soon!!  I just need about 3 more hours on the computer.  Ha, that translates in infant time, at an hour per week to 3 weeks from now!  
Happy fresh starts everyone!

25 April 2011

A moment to cook

Had a moment to cook the other night.  We had some fresh midnight beets from the farmer's market.  I sliced them super thin and made some yummy chips with a little olive oil and salt.  Before I threw them in the oven I took this picture, the color and pattern was so cool.

12 April 2011

Getting there

 (Lilly, oil on canvas 16 x 16")

Ok, so finding some moments here and there to get my Etsy store up and running.  I started with my pet portraits, posted them on Sunday and already had some interest!  I am totally excited by that! Once I finish tweaking I will have a grand opening.  Little Miss V has been co-operating for the most part, and the Hubs is so helpful too.

Here's hoping to getting all pulled together and finding some time for a run too.
(Not asking too much, am I?)

09 April 2011

Operation get my a** in gear

Okay, so no secret I haven't been here in a while. And as Miss V has graced me with an early bedtime tonight and Hubby is working I find myself with a moment of free time.  I am also finding tons of inspiration in my life today, and am planning on putting it to good use.  (I really should be catching up on must needed sleep.)  

I had a client come into the salon today, a fellow artist and I realized how little I get to talk about art anymore. Diapers and bodily functions, yes.  Art not so much.  She inspired me to get my ass in gear.  I have an Etsy site and plan to finally use it!  Yea me.  AND I may even invest some money into my art making and hopefully selling.  The timing is  not great for that, but you know the saying "spend money...make money, really, really hope to make more than my money back" or something like that.

Then there is right now while I enjoy some seriously needed pretend that I have no responsibilities, piles of laundry, cleaning, sleeping and a very insistent 'to do' list to do.  I have spent some time researching possible items to spend said money  on and reading other artist blogs.  It has felt really luxurious.  

Ask me if I'll feel luxurious when Miss V is up in a few hours....
but the instant gratification is worth it.
I'll keep you posted on the progress

So Ready for Spring

I am so much more exited for spring this year.  So much more than usual!  Being able to get out and about with Miss V, family walks in the park and sleeping with the windows open.  I'm so ready.

04 April 2011

Sizing things up

It's amazing how such a tiny little thing can change your life in so many ways.  We welcomed our beautiful little girl on January 16th and things will never be the same.  I am enjoying every minute of it and trying to figure who I am now.  It is such a complicated balancing act and I am still learning.  I did finish one commission during maternity leave but haven't been in the studio since.  

I am in awe of some fellow bloggers who are able to post almost daily and raise a family(not to mention continue to create work).  Perhaps it is something that will come with time.  My goal for now is to post more often than I have been and at least do some work in my sketch book and share that here as well as some photographs that I have been taking while Miss V and I are out strolling. 

I hope this post is the beginning of me getting back in the swing of things.