15 August 2010

On the Farm

Leaving the Farm today, and really wish we could stay longer.  Hubby and I are so relaxed.  We wonder if we should give up our city life.  Alas vacationing is much different than living in a place. 

Growing up we spent every summer here at my Aunt and Uncles in Ohio.  Such great memories.  I hope our new addition gets to enjoy it as much as I did.  Lots of family and fun!  And now we are road tripping home.

10 August 2010


My best friend was in town for a few days.  We had some quality girl time pool side with some trashy mags, a little shopping, and lots of good food.  I've decided that 3000 miles is too far away for a best friend to be!

One really long work day today, and tomorrow Hubby and I are off on a family vacation.  Can't wait to relax some more!

06 August 2010

Summer painting

Had an afternoon in the studio!  I have been wanting to paint something to hang in our kitchen.  I've never done that before.  I've hung my work in the house but never painted something specific for that.  I wanted it to seem fun, a bit quirky.  Here it is in progress. 
(sorry the pics aren't better - it was a bit over cast.)


04 August 2010

A new addition

Hubby and I are expecting our first child in February.  It's one of the reasons that it's been so quiet here.  That and I am just enjoying the summer!  Spending a lot of time relaxing, and doing lots of summer activities.  

I feel slightly guilty for not getting enough time in the studio. But I am sure I will get back in the swings of things soon.  Until them enjoying our good news and the slow pace of summer.

02 August 2010

cats and dogs

These are the latest commission pieces.  They are all for the same client to decorate her nursery. (What a great idea, huh?!)




I may have another commission coming soon, but for now it all my stuff all the time in the studio!  I am very excited. My wonderful Aunt sponsored a trip to the art supply store.  I am fully stocked with canvas and can't wait to get working! Perhaps I can sneak a few hours in before the week is out.