27 July 2011


I've been flipping through sketch books lately to wet my appetite
and feeling better knowing I at least have time to sketch a page or two.  There is a quality to the sketch that never comes across in a finished work.  The speed in which it is produced makes it feel fresh, and for me the idea that it's not so precious.  I can play and experiment with imagery that doesn't always come out in my paintings.  I do find that same feeling when I learn a new medium and allow myself to be an "amateur" in my own mind.  I don't judge myself so harshly because, hey I'm just learning, right? I would love to be able to bring that attitude to every new piece, just haven't quiet mastered that yet!

It's been so nice to revisit and play again. I feel like I have all these images just waiting to become more than a sketch when I am back in the studio.  It's making me feel so much better during my hiatus.  I may just explode on that day in the near future when I can sit down at my easel or heat up some wax.
Until then enjoy my musings and doodles!

24 July 2011


I had a conversation with a musician friend of mine this past week.  I was talking about how I feel like I am the opposite of a hoarder.  He said that I must be a "Shedder". I like that term, I think.  

Whilst preparing for our move I am making room by going through storage at my Mom's house.  I have an over abundance of artwork there.  Pretty much everything from high school till now.  I got rid of most of my high school work (there are slides of them for prosperity).  I also went through a lot of stuff from collage, color theory, charcoal assignments.  I did pull out a few things to save, and some of the work I still rather like.  My senior thesis work won we me the only grant I have received thus far! Although in complete disclosure I have been lax in applying the last 3 years.  But maybe there is something in revisiting these images.  In excavating these layers of my artist journey it feels good to see how far I've come and reminds me of threads or ideas that may be worth re-trying now with more experience.  

I don't feel too terribly sad as I cleaned out.  The extra space made it easier to organize my inventory.  In doing so I discovered I have quiet enough work to enter some shows. But here is a farewell to some works; 

and there was this work on paper that I would love to re-visit.

 It has even made me thing more about working on paper, until I think of the framing expense!

Well here I go moving forward and shedding all the way!

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23 July 2011

10 Minutes

That's all it took sitting here in this swing with Miss V yesterday.  Ten minutes, in albeit sweltering heat but, there was a breeze and we were in the shade.  Miss V was content to look at her book and watch the occasional car go by.  I could have some time with my thoughts.  I had some studio time in my mind.  It was so nice to just have the quiet time, outside, surrounded by trees. It didn't last long but it had some lasting effects.  I hope this heat breaks soon so that we can have some more of those moments.

21 July 2011


taken with FX camera for Droid

I don't know about everyone else, but there is nothing worse than being on the fence.  I hate that moment in decision making when you can't decide which direction to take.  Once the decision is made is much easier going.  Well we've made the move decision, and I am ready to start that new adventure.
Now we are waiting.  Waiting to schedule a mold (YIKES!!) check on our new adobe. Waiting to get a large truck to move our big items.  I feel stuck on the fence.  I am a planner, I wanna know when our last day is here, and our first day is there.

So, in the spririt of living in the moment, I am trying to enjoy my view from this fence, although it's a bit uncomfortable.  Like most things in life, I can't change the situation right now so I'm going to make it work as best I can.
But I'm feeling a little antsy...

20 July 2011

Feeling inspired

 "Deliberate" encaustic on panel 8x10"

Just finished meeting with a friend for lunch.  We are holding each other to continue to create and supporting each other in goals.  So we made a list of things we would like to accomplish within our artistic realm in the next month when we will meet again and hopefully meet our goals!
I am feeling super inspired and am still driving towards getting my Etsy store where I would like it to be.  No more excuses.  Except maybe Miss V.  Can't miss quality time with her.  
Onwards and upwards!  Now I am off to visit some of my other favorite bloggers out there.

14 July 2011

Doing what I can

Hi all!  Not sure if anyone is still out there or not.  But, I am trying very hard to make more time for my art, and blogging about it. Miss V is 6 months old!! And of course as I think I am getting better she is developing new ways to keep me occupied. Naps?  Who needs naps?

I am still loving all of it though.  I am hoping to soon feel like a Mom that is an artist, not just a Mom.

I have completed another commission for a dear friend.  This was a gift for a race car driver. How cool is that!!
Super cool, but nerve racking.  I mean, and owner of this souped up Porshe knows every line and color and wow it was a lot of detail.  I did try to maintain my style though, and I think he really liked it!

Although, I think I'll stick with Pets for commissions.

In other news we are almost ready to move!  Who said we can't do everything at once?!  We are going to vacate and rent our downtown rowhome and embark on a new adventure...living with my Mom and Aunt.  Now, they do have a basement apartment so the living quarters won't be that close.  It's such a great opportunity for us to work on our 10 year plan of buying a larger house, and Miss V will get tons of quality time with Grandma and Aunt S.  One of the biggest perks for me is that my studio will be steps away, and I will finally have some office space back to sit and blog and do some etsy-ing!

If you're out there still, thanks for hanging in there!