25 February 2010

Out of My Head


"Just under the Surface" 8 x 10" watercolor

Here is my Found Art Friday piece.  The theme was "everything blooming". With snow on it's way again this afternoon, it was nice to think about spring.  Can't wait to play with it in encaustic!  Check out everyone's artwork tomorrow at Cathy Nichol's blog.

24 February 2010

Virtual Studio Day

Another day in which I didn't find my way to the studio. Where is this week going!?  The last two days I have spent a lot of time creating in my own head.  I haven't felt like picking up my sketch book.  I have a fun idea for Found Art Friday's over at Cathy Nichol's blogI've laid it all out virtually. I've imagined it becoming a finished piece in encaustic.  I've imagined it as a drawing, in acrylic.  And then yesterday on a run I started painting another composition in my imaginary studio.  

But for some silly reason I can't post just a description of my artwork!  And it certainly changes during the physical act of creating.  There is also the possibility that my 'brilliant' idea doesn't seem to work when brought into reality. So later tonight I hope that it becomes just what it's supposed to when I sit down at the kitchen table and get out of my head.  Either way I plan to have fun while doing it.  Sorry I don't have a picture today - I will tomorrow.
Happy imagining!!

23 February 2010

Weekend of goodies!

I so enjoyed seeing the mailman this weekend.  I got some more beautiful postcards, like these.
 They are from talented artist from all over, like scrowlscrowl, surf bunny designs, thrifty miss prissy, and Giggle Face Studios.  I have two more coming.  It's so exciting.  I am thinking of making some  for my friends in far away places.  Just to give them some fun in the mail.

And then my gorgeous pieces from Wyanne!  I've been wearing both the necklace and bracelet all weekend. 

I am gearing up for the next found art Friday.  I had hoped to finish and encaustic, but since getting to my studio has been difficult I may be playing with some acyrlic or watercolor.  

19 February 2010

Socks and the post script post card

I finished the pair of socks!! Yeah me.  They are certainly not perfect or exactly the same size.  But I learned a lot and have a bit more confidence to try some new patterns.

I got a lovely comment from Ingrid who received one my postcards - which I forgot to include:

I think I have done well the last few days with trying to remember I don't have control over most things.  I feel a bit less stressed and am looking forward to a weekend of friends (possible hot tub-ing)and family.  If I'm lucky I may be able to get some drawing done too!  If the creativity fairies are with me.  Have a fabulous weekend!

17 February 2010

More postcards, and lack of motivation....






So, these are the last half of my postcards for the swap.  You can check out the fabulous pieces that have been created all over the world here.  It's so cool to see everyone's unique styles.

Thank you for the kind words.  I think I am just having a bit of a block.  It seemed to surface while working on the postcards.  And things here in my city are trying to return to normal.  And I am having a bit of trouble returning to a routine that not only 2 weeks ago I was so enjoying.  I spend all day at work worrying about my parking place when I return late at night.  (The snow has severely limited parking that was limited even before).  Not feeling motivated, and then when I am not making artwork or running I get grumpy and then I don't feel motivated.  An endless circle that I must break.  I will by the end of the week....I hope.  

Yesterday I received my first postcard from Minnesota.  So beautiful.  I was truly excited to find it in the mail box.  Knowing 9 more are coming my way is fabulous.  I received another surprise as well from a dear friend in Denver, who I miss terribly.  I'll leave you with the quote from that card. 

"Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person- having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away." - Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life 1859

And on that note, I am going to be positive today and just let the day take care of itself without trying to control it or worry.  Here I go....

16 February 2010

Mail Art - Postcards

Here are the first half of my postcards. I tried a few different techniques, so they are all different from each other.






I'll post the rest tomorrow. Happy day to all!

15 February 2010

Valentine's Day - The Morning after

I had an absolutely lovely Valentine's day.  Coffee and cookies brought to me in bed.  A walk in the park with the dogs, our friends and neighbors over for dinner and many, many bottles of wine.  I hope no matter how you spent the day - you felt loved!



Well the postcards didn't make it in the mail today - due to the holiday I had forgotten about!  But I scanned each one of them and will post them here tomorrow as they get sent out into the world.  

13 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day to me!

I am so happy with my Valentines Day present to myself!  If you haven't check out Wyanne's beautiful jewelry!  (I got the beautiful bracelet, and a fun necklace w/ a pink pendant.)  It totally made me happy this morning.  Now off to shovel my car off and get into work.  Hope everyone has a lovely Valentines, no matter what your situation.  Some of my favorite Valentine's day have been spent with my girlfriends, or even alone with a fabulous movie.  I am happy to spend tomorrow with my awesome hubby, and some good friends as well! 

And if anyone is looking for a gift for me...I LOVE the bird hoop earrings as well. ;-)

12 February 2010

Kitchen table art and one sock.

I finished a few more postcards, need to get them ready to mail.  I am still not super proud of them, they seem kinda off.  I'll finished the rest tomorrow to be sent around the world.  I think this snow has some how effected my creativity.  Or maybe I can at least blame it!  I did play around with this acrylic painting on paper.  A variation on a theme of "drop" paintings that I have been working on for a while.  Perhaps I should make some smaller versions of this, for my postcards.  

I also finished knitting my first ever sock yesterday.  Since the only other thing I have ever knitted were scarfs, I am fairly proud.  Apparently cabin fever is good for knitting!  When I finish the other sock, I'll post my warm tootsies.  

Now I think, if I am lucky there is a path plowed in the park, and I am going to get out and run.  (That always helps with being creative and sane.) The sun is out for now, and some snow is melting.  Hopefully we'll escape the next storm headed our way!  

11 February 2010

Cabin Fever

Whew, well made it through the latest 2 feet of snow, by knitting, drawing and cooking.   Work is closed again today, but it looks as if I'll be back to the grind tomorrow.  I've been working on my postcards for ihannas postcard swap, at my kitchen table.  I don't want to spoil the surprise for the receivers, so I will wait till next week to post the images.  It's certainly not my strong point.  It's strange how it's stressing me a little.  I have a few more to finish, and I want them to be something beautiful and special for someone to find in their mailbox.  My hope was to challenge myself, and do something playful.  It seems as if I am out of my element!  My goal for the kitchen table studio today is to just have fun.  Maybe I'll just make a whole bunch and pick my favorites out of it.  Now, I am off to surf some mail art images to get inspired.

08 February 2010


So after two days of shoveling, our neighbors got together and shoveled out our whole street (It's narrow so no plows can get down it) , and today we drove to the county to get my Mom's driveway cleared.  

one of the "plowed" streets in our neighborhood

In the midst of that I got a few moment to play with some pastels at my kitchen table.  

pastel and graphite on paper

Still avoiding the postcards..but since we are gearing up for another foot of snow on it's way tomorrow.  I am going to spend the morning at my kitchen table studio! 

07 February 2010

more snow...

This morning the sun is shining bright, but the temperatures have dropped.  This snow is going to be around for a while.  I figured I post some more snowy pictures. The pups loved it, here they are playin' with the neighborhood pack.  


and then the sun came out....and the shoveling will begin!


 Hopefully followed by some art making.

06 February 2010

Snowed in


In the middle of a blizzard here in Bawl'mer.  Two feet on the ground and still snowing.  A bit bummed that all my weekend plans are canceled. (Had a reservation at a restaurant I have waited a long time to go to :-()  But, the fridge is stocked, have a the first season on Deadwood ready to go, and plenty of wine!
I also have my supplies ready to work on my mail art postcards for the swap.  I'm going to make the best of it. I hope to be able to post some pictures of actual art work soon.  But until then...a winter wonderland.

I'm sure I take any more pretty snow photo's, I'll post them.  Have a good Saturday!

03 February 2010

Random tid bits, and acts of kindness

I just can't help but share this!  Last week to my utter embarrassment and a testament to my scattered brain ways - I lost my paychecks, my ENDORSED paychecks!  I didn't realized it until my morning trip to the bank.  I was utterly panicked.  Thankfully I have a very understanding office manager and the bank didn't charge for a hold on the checks, and she wrote two new ones right away.  Then, yesterday I get a letter in the mail enclosed were my checks, and a note saying they where found in the grocery store parking lot.  It wasn't signed and there was no return address.  I was totally overwhelmed, by the kindness of a total stranger.  Whoever you were thank you so much!  (A side note - I live downtown in a city where the crime rate is pretty high.)

Last night brought another blanket of snow, and with it an utter lack of motivation on my part.  I have a day off today and the plan was straight to the studio.  But the office needs to be cleaned, the laundry needs to be done, the kitchen table needs to be cleaned off,

and this cup of coffee and couch is super comfy.  

Did I mention, my studio's not heated?  I need to start a house painting for my aunt, and my postcard swap requires some time for trail and error because I still don't know what I want to create.   So, my solution is to give myself 2 hours here at the house and then head to the studio, even if it's only for a little while.

I also have to say I am totally overwhelmed by everyone's kind words and encouragement.  In the short time that I have been doing this blog, I feel like I have found a fabulous community of such talented people.  Following these artist blogs give me so much inspiration.  Thank you!!

01 February 2010

Photos instead of Paintings

.....later that same day.  

The boys (my four legged ones)  got short changed this AM, due to my usual procrastination.  So, when my 'obligations' ended earlier than expected today, I made it up to them, we went on a nice walk by the water.  Since I couldn't get in my studio, I had fun taking some pictures instead.  Up next; I hope to spend some time in my sketch book.






Happy Monday

view from my bedroom

 A very snowy weekend here, very cozy and relaxing.  Set my alarm for 1am last night so I could register for The Chicago Marathon.  I have wanted to run that race for a while.

I decided to take on a new challenge and participate in a postcards swap through ihanna's blog.  I'm not sure what I want to do yet, and I'm not very good at this type of thing, so at the very least I'm going to have a good time!  Thankfully it's something I can work on here at home, since studio time this week will be limited.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Today, my usual studio day is filled with other obligations, as happens sometimes.  Makes me a bit sad,  but I plan to start out my postcard ideas in my sketchbook. 

I'm off to walk the dogs in this cold - that they seem to love.  But my dogs are a bit strange, one of the reasons I love them!

Dakota ready for his walk