24 June 2010

one down, on to the next

The painting for my Aunt is finished, and hopefully shipped off this week.  I hope her husband likes it!

I had a few moments to work on a new encaustic.  It's in the early stages.  With this heat wave, it's a bit warm in my studio, and the wax is a bit gummy to work with.  I'm hoping for some cooler temps soon.  I'm starting a new pet portrait commission this coming week.  

21 June 2010

under the weather

After a nice relaxing weekend.  Take-out and movie night on Saturday, and Sunday morning a walk by the water and a latte.  

While we were enjoying a yummy pastry we watch the urban pirates take off on a Father's Day cruise of pillaging and chaos. 

Feeling a bit under the weather today, but I must finish my Aunt's commission because a new pet portrait commission arrived in my in box this morning!  I hope to feel good enough to get some of my personal work done as well.

16 June 2010

Where has the week gone?

Wow, I have been neglecting my blogging!  I can't believe it's been a week.  Just when I say I am going to be better with it.  It doesn't help that I have so little time in the studio.  I am almost finished a pet portrait for my Aunt.  I hope to post it later this week.  

I am brimming with ideas, and can't wait to get to work on some of my own paintings.  I am feeling a bit crazed in the rest of my life right now.  Need to get into a summer routine!

I hope to have lots of images to post soon.

09 June 2010

Art in Savannah

I absolutely feel in love with two artist in particular this past weekend.  I went back everyday to look at Cedric Smith's paintings everyday that we were there.  I am hoping to own one of his prints by the end of the summer.  The hard decision is which one!!!  Find more of his work here, and follow his blog here.

 Cedric Smith "Southern Pride" 36" x 48" mixed medium on canvas

Sharon Dobbs work is amazing in person.  It is quilt like execution and the texture and delicate detail just blew me away!  See more of her work here.

Sharon Dobbs  "Backwoods"  20" x 24"

08 June 2010


We had a fabulous get-a-way this past weekend to Savannah.  After a quick visit with a family friend in Portsmouth, VA we spent the rest of our long weekend in the historic district of Savannah.  It was a great weekend.  I loved how artsy it was.  There were some great art galleries, fun shopping and boy did we eat well!  

I have to say my favorite part of the weekend was just wandering around checking out the architecture and the gardens. 

While eating some awesome pizza at Vinnie A Go-Go's, this primered car pulled up.  This guys gets out, pulls a box of chalk out and after writing the instructions " write on me" on the car, leaves the box of chalk on the roof.  We couldn't resist adding a few touches.  How fun!!

We are back to reality now, but my work schedule is changing.  That means I am going to be able to focus more on my art.  Can't wait to get to the studio!

07 June 2010


I turned 35 this past week.  Every year I reflect on two special memories I had of my birthday growing up.  First I would wake up to yard-picked flowers next to my bed that my Mom had cut.  They were usually peonies, but not always.  (I guess that's why they are my favorite flower!  Not to mention the wonderful smell.  We won't mention the ant factor)  

The second was that my Dad would mow a special message in the grass for me.  I grew up in an unusual house, it was built like a row home, one room wide, three long. But, it sat alone on a few acres.  So, from my bedroom window I had the perfect view on this large patch of grass we ironically called the "back forty".  (It was a hard patch to mow, very damp and as a result the grass grew really high.)  Most of the time it was just my new age.  But I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!  

02 June 2010


Hubby and I are off on an adventure for a few days!!  I will have lots of pictures when I return.  I may even try a mobile post or two.

back soon!

01 June 2010

young talent

When ever I travel I love to buy work from local artist.  Not only do I have unique pieces and support other artist, I have an artwork that hold memories of a particular place and adventure.

So, I was very excited that on the tails of the great painting I received from my Aunt and Uncle, I just got this as a Birthday gift!!
So cool, and even more amazing a 14 year old young man created this!

My closest Aunt THE Aunt*, as my brother and I refer to her, bought this in Anguilla.  The young man is hoping to get into art AND fashion.  I hope I get to meet him, when I travel there again. I love the sparkle detail.  The figures bodies are made of caning material.  Just so cool.

Now I have to find the perfect spot for it.  Right now it's propped up on my bookshelf.  

*(Aunt Sally is my Dad's only sister, and she moved to be closer to my brother and I when we were young, so we grew up with her very close to us.  I apprenticed with her as a shopper, she has a great talent for doing any type of shopping.  We have so much fun, and now I am a professional as well.  She is also a fabulous cook, channeling my grandmother.  And she always supports my shoe habit!!)