28 August 2014

Atmosphere at Home

 "Atmosphere" 14"x 14" encaustic on birch panel 

I really love seeing artwork in the design of a room.  It just pulls it all together, right? I've been totally inspired by some super talented artist that I follow on Instagram to show off my own work in this setting.  (More to come on that in a later post.)

27 August 2014

My Commute

Since we moved to the country last year my commute to work and the studio is a lot farther, although not always longer.  I can usually avoid major highways for most of it. 
Most of my studio days start off earlier than my job days and those drives are the best.  Not only is the countryside lit more dramatically, I've got two small co-pilots to keep me company and a hot cup of coffee to enjoy.  There is also that anticipation of some uninterrupted time to paint ahead of me and the time to think over my plan of attack as I drive. I look forward to it.

26 August 2014

It's Complicated

"It's Complicated" 36" x 48" oil/oil pastel on canvas

 "Center Ring" 24" x 36" oil/oil pastel on canvas

 Results from my studio yesterday.  "Center Ring" started um....a little under TWENTY years ago. (I'm sure neither the painting or I can believe we are that old!) When I was doing some inventory I came acrossed it. I always liked it, but it needed something more.  I'm super happy with it.  She kinda got a makeover.  (Me next, please!)
"It's Complicated" came out of some sketches I did on vacation and found the perfect jumping off point here.

I enjoyed playing with the pattern, and these brighter colors seem to be popping up everywhere.


22 August 2014

Well..Hello there!

How cute are these guys?!  I came across this unfinished piece when I was looking for some more canvas to work on.  Not sure if I want to finish it or I like the rough painterly look of it. Hmm, maybe just a few tweaks?

19 August 2014

Having fun

 "Towers" 36x48" oil and conte on canvas

"Towers" detail

 "Studio" 24x30" oil/oil pastel on canvas

 "Studio" detail

 "Exhale" 36x48" oil/oil pastel on canvas

"Exhale" detail

 "Homestead" oil on canvas

Three of my newest paintings.  I am having a blast in the studio.
I'm about to run out of surfaces.  I see some stretching and priming in my future.

14 August 2014

TBT: travel paintings part 1

Here's a collection of watercolors from waaaay back to my college study abroad program in Sorrento, Italy.

Sit back, sip some limoncello and enjoy! 

13 August 2014

In da Studio!!!!

I can barely contain my excitement. I spent a glorious chunk of time painting today. It was so nice to work through all these ideas that have been tumbling around my head. 

Some changed a lot, new ones came through and all of them are still in progress. I even began reworking an old one that I wasn't  quite satisfied with.  I snapped some pictures before I left I'd like to mull over what is coming next for each one. I really enjoyed the feel of the paint today and I worked a bit "wetter" than I have in a while. 

07 August 2014

A Little TBT: Home Safe

 "Home Safe" oil and conte on canvas 38" x 36" SOLD

              "Safe Home" oil pastel on paper (Was created for a postcard swap)

 (Written May 13, 2014)
As I write this (on my phone) Mr. J is sleeping in my arms, Miss V is singing herself and the hubs is hunkered in the living room. It has just started to rain outside a heavy thick sounding rain. 
At once I feel so happy and safe nestled in this cocoon of family. While outside its cold and wet and that dichotomy always makes me feel safe and somehow reinforces my security.  These moments are more compounded at night in the quiet snuggles and it make me feel wholly grateful for the simplicity of a roof over our head and the gift of being together. 

I first remember feeling this way when we would travel in our family can when I was growing up. It was that typical late 70s early 80s van that my parents out fitted with a platform bed on the back and curtains over the windows for our family vacations. Somehow two adults a dog and two kids slept there as we hurtled through the night on I95, my parents taking turns at the wheel. We always drove over night, easier to keep us kiddies asleep than occupied. I would sleep so absolutely, lulled by the movement and comforted knowing that all that I truly loved was right there with me. 

As an adult, it has changed and my world is wider so although I don't feel that complete peace knowing that I can keep everyone under one roof there is still a calmness and an awareness of being contained by love. 

03 August 2014

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

I am in the midst of one of those rare and amazing times where the influx of ideas is almost frenetic.  It seems right now everywhere I look there is inspiration.  I know all too well that these moments are fleeting and I am trying my best to capture them so that when studio time presents itself I'll be prepared.  In an ideal world that would mean sketching away, making color studies capturing images with my camera.  In my reality as it is, it looks more like this...
While doing this...

I use my phone to do this...

 Honestly, I tend to write more than actually draw at first. So, this works for me.  In fact corralling the scraps of paper that include both grocery list, to do list and notes on my artistic ideas is a lot worse. 

Now that we are on vacation, I've been able to translate this into a sketchbook where I still write out descriptions, and a little bit of my thought process before I can capture them visually.

 Briar Patch?Lonely?Alone?




My plan is to play around with some color next.  I've packed some watercolors and oil pastels.  I'm curious to see if working the same image through so many incarnations with help or hinder the final painting.  There is such a spontaneity when I actually approach the canvas that I am confident will stay in tack.  The behavior of the medium tends to influence me immediately.  Either way I'm excited to see.

Well Hello There Inspiration!

I'm just gonna ignore the fact that I've been outta commission here for a bit and focus on coming back to my artsy self. 
There has been a lot going on in the meantime, a new baby, a new house and many an activities with a now three year old Miss V. 

I have to give props to this amazing book "Making: Your Life as an Artist".   If you haven't checked out the free download and you need a creative and practical kick in the paint, what are you waiting for?!  It's an amazing read from a great organization. 

Although actually studio time may be a few weeks away. It's been a goal for the month of August and I must say I'm going to hit the ground running with a ton of new ideas that I can't wait to bring to life. 

I know that finding a balance between my day job, the cute yet demanding little people, house projects and a hubby I would like to spend sometime with, isn't going to always work. I've decided to give my art a little more priority. Bear with me.