28 January 2010

Found Art Friday

8" x 8" encaustic on cradled birch

I have just recently started to experiment with using transfers, so when this months theme for Found Art Friday's was "Big Love"  I knew what I wanted to try.  I used a picture of my husband and I from our wedding (3 months ago Sunday)  I learned a lot making this piece and can't wait to utilize some of it in more paintings to come.   This was so fun!  I am so glad I got to participate and I'm looking forward to next month.

Check out some of the other fabulous pieces here.

27 January 2010

work in progress

An absolutely wonderful day....a great run with a good friend, an extra big coffee, 5, yes I wrote that, 5 hours of studio time, lunch with my Mom, and a relaxing dinner with my husband.  That said, I'm not feeling really accomplished in the studio.  I kinda feel like everything I completed is....off...missing something or maybe they are just not there yet.  That's what I will take away from today.  It was fabulous to be creative, and maybe I used all my good juju yesterday morning, when I completed my Found Art Friday project. (check back here on Friday to see that piece that I love!)  So here are a few works in progress...

8 x 10" encaustic

16 x 20" encaustic

(3) 4 x 6" encaustic

Love my pups

Dakota - snuggling

Bear - his seriously look

Off to my studio today!  But not before a little quality time with my two favorite four legged fella's.

25 January 2010

Monday Morning

Since my Monday morning came blustering in with high winds and yucky rain, I was delighted to wake up to an email from a good friend in California.  She included a pictures of some of her new ceramic work and it makes me happy!  

 ceramic tiles by Ann Hazels

I also received a lovely comment from a fellow blogger that really lifted my spirits as well since I absolutely love to visit her here. Her work is beautiful and so are her pics!

So, despite the fact that this will be a very wet and yucky Monday without studio time :-( I am going to enjoy my cup of coffee and catch up with some friends between my other obligations today.  I have high hopes for a morning in the studio tomorrow before work.

21 January 2010

Getting Busy

This reminded me that Spring is closer than I think.....

This week has been busy, but productive.  Got 3 new encaustic works started in the studio on Monday.  I'll post pictures once they are further along.  I really need to replenish my oil painting inventory.  But I am waiting for some ideas to arrange themselves in my head. 

Sent off a finished "Conical" (without taking a picture) for submission to By Proxy at The Desotorow Gallery in Savannah, GA.  And tonight I just sent images of "Perched" and "Shelter" for possible entry in a show called "Paint" at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati.  
Fingers crossed!
Itching to get some more studio time, and worried it may be a week before that happens.  I hope not, but my typical Monday studio  day is being overtaken due to a class for work.  
Maybe by the time I get in there again I'll be ready to start some new oils.  

Duck Pin Bowling

I totally forgot to post these on Monday!  Where has this week gone?!  How is it Thursday already?  Had a great time at Rock n' Bowl with a great group of friends.  
The girls ALMOST beat the boys.  But we definitely had more fun. And the DJ spun some songs that brought back some nostalgia from my teenage years.  


15 January 2010

Studio Day!!

I didn't have as much studio time as I would of liked but I am grateful for the couple hours I did have and it wasn't even too cold today.  Like I mentioned before I am working on a piece for an upcoming show called "By Proxy".  The image below is that work (in progress).  I think I want to make the star like image on the left larger, and the new transfer to the right was a last moment addition.  My xerox transfers turned out pretty well.  I can't wait to utilize that technique more.  I'm going to live with it over the weekend and see what happens when I finish it on on Monday. 

"Conical" 10 x10"  encaustic on cradled birch (unfinished)

This fun chair drawing made it out of my sketchbook and onto this encaustic piece - also a work in progress.

14 January 2010


It looks like I may have a studio day tomorrow.  Hooray!!  Of course it will be book-ended by errands and a party.  Not too bad :-)

I am testing my geographical boundaries this year.  Although I have traveled extensivly, I rarely show outside of the mid-atlantic area.  Mostly due to the cost and logistics of shipping.  This year I am going for it.  And I am going to figure it out as I go.  Wish me luck!

First up is entering a show "Blind Proxy" at Desotorow Gallery.  The concept is hanging all 10"x10" artwork next to other artwork and watch how they play off each other.  The only downside is that I won't be able to see the work hung.  I've been working on sketches at my kitchen table.  I am hoping to pick up some wintergreen oil today, and experiment with doing some transfer's on encaustic.  I'll post some pictures of my progress tomorrow. 

11 January 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

Last night was my annual work party.  My "day job" allows me to work with 44 amazingly talented women.  They are mothers, wives and business women who always inspire me.  When we get the chance to just go out have fun and dance everyone really lets loose.  It was a great time!  Now off to the FREEZING cold studio today.  Hopefully it's warm enough to make some art.  If not...back to the drawing table here at the house.

10 January 2010

Feeling Inspired!

I'm excited to say that the creative juices are flowing!  I can't wait to begin a new series of small encaustic work that can be installed together.  Monday - Studio day can't come quick enough.  I am trying  to sketch some ideas out but want to get my hands dirty.   I am also beginning a painting for my Aunt as well.  That piece will be an oil painting of a friends house in Anguilla.  I plan on staring the under painting on that and then when I reach a point where it needs to dry start the new series.

This is an unfinished encaustic.  It's been sitting for a while and I'm not sure what's next for her.

07 January 2010

Comission Update and other good news

I am so excited to say that I delivered my commission piece "Red Vessel" today and it was well received.  I hated to disappoint my client and am so happy that they liked it.  It was certainly a work in progress, and I feel a weight off my shoulders knowing that it will soon be in a great new home, snugly over the fireplace.  

Funny, I always think of how in art school, to create "sofa art" was to sell out.  I love the fact that a lot of my work finds it's way above fireplaces or sofas, and into the heart of someone's home.  It seems fitting since my work uses the house imagery a lot.

"Prodigal House" (below)  has also been sold.  All in all a very good art day!

(34" x 18" oil on canvas)

06 January 2010

The Baker Artist Awards

 (11" x 14" oil on canvas)

I am competing again this year in The Baker Artist Awards.  There are two awards one is the Mary Sawyers Baker which is the big kitty, and the Baltimore Choice award.  The Baltimore Choice allows people to vote for their favorite artist on the site.  The top 5 most popular win.  (It feels a bit like high school, but I think my self-esteem can handle it...I hope :-)  If you like my work, please go to http://www.bakerartistawards.org/nomination/view/heatherkirtland and vote for me!!

It's also a great site to see all the super talented artist working Baltimore.  I had fun checking everyone's work out.

Well, OK here it is!    I got to sit for about a 1/2 an hour last night and this is what happened.  I really had to just play around.  It's not my favorite.  But at least it felt good to sit and work even for a short amount of time.  I certainly have a lot of sketching to do before I head back into the studio!!

05 January 2010

Making do

Feeling a little sad, I am not going to be able to get into the studio for another week!!  So my plan for tonight is to make something with what I have here at the house.  I do have some supplies, crayons, pastels, pencils and watercolors.  Thanks to a weekend of cleaning and un-decorating I can finally see the kitchen table!  So I will have a place to work.  Back the job today, and I am going to look forward of an hour of play with my art supplies tonight.

Since I didn't have any recent photo's. (I keep meaning to bring  my camera on my morning runs - but to early and cold to think!)  I've posted one of my favorites from Ireland.

I will post my results tomorrow.  That will keep me focused :-)

01 January 2010

New's Years

Had a lovely end of 2009.  Spent the evening with a great friend, lots of wine, yummy food, pots and pan celebrations and city fireworks.



(My dog-goddaughter, Lady Girl)

To welcome in 2010, I now have 4 days off with my hubby!  I hope to get some sketching done, and do some art supply shopping (gotta love that!!).   Next week back to the studio.  I have a painting to finish for  my Aunt, and I am really itching to get some encaustic work done.  Now I just have to figure out how to do that and stay warm in the studio!  Healthy, happy New Year everyone!