09 March 2010

Can't get enough sunshine

Yesterday was just lovely.  I didn't get much studio time in,  but did spend some quality time with my Aunt.  She is my shopping diva/sponsor.  We always have such a great time searching for fun clothes and great deals.  I ended up with some fun spring shoes, and a fancy new bag from a good bargain place!  

I also have to say that just feeling the warm sunshine on my skin again and sitting out in the fresh air is THE BEST!  Hubby and I enjoyed a run in the park yesterday and the city has just come alive with everyone out and about.  

I am blessed with a few hours away from work today and am so glad to be able to tie up some loose ends. Next on my agenda is a project for a auction/fundraiser where I get to paint a birdhouse.  How fun!!  So I have been brainstorming about how to decorate it.  I'll share some sketches at some point this week.


1 comment:

  1. CROCUS! Or is it croci when plural?!

    Boy do those pictures make me miss the east coast spring. We're started to get a few little wildflowers here and there, so spring in the desert does have it's own kind of beauty. But back east there's a real sense of relief when those first few crocus and daffodils start to bloom. Like you've EARNED the spring after a long, dark winter.

    Good luck on your bird house! xo