29 May 2010

Walk in The Woods

Hubby and I played hooky today to take the dogs for a nice hike in the woods.  I was hoping to wake up to sun, but it was cloudy.  That's ok at least it's cooler and not humid.

The smell of honeysuckle was lovely.  

Wild strawberries 

The boys had a great time, getting muddy and wet whenever they could.
It was so nice to get out, and take the dogs for a treat.  They are drying in the back yard now, after their much needed bath!

27 May 2010

Got Mail?

On my neighborhood walks I have discovered some very artful mailboxes. Funny how I have never noticed them before.

Now I am always checking out everyone's!(mailbox that is)
Perhaps we should be more creative with ours..HMMMMMM...

26 May 2010

Goose on The roof

On our way back from the beach the girls and I stopped at a great junk store.  We have decided we needed to make a trip just to junk store shop and rent a u-haul.  How fun would that be!?

But this time the CRV was full of us and beach stuff, so I had to settle with pictures. (notice the sun was out on our drive home of course!!)

25 May 2010

Girls Get Away

This weekend was a lovely beach get-a-way with the girls.  The house we rented last year was not available, but we stumbled upon THIS perfect guest cottage.  

The weather didn't co-operate with us at all.  Chilly, rainy and even foggy (which is a but unusual).  But we had a great time, drinking, eating and shopping.  We spent the majority of our time on the patio and chatting.  It was fabulous!

 I am already looking forward to next year's trip. (Maybe with some days that include some sunshine though)

21 May 2010

wanderings and pondering

I seem to be second guessing myself lately.  I have been excited to make work, and yet not sure what that work is yet.  I am on the edge of something, but it is certainly unknown.

I have had a nice morning, postponing my workout till this afternoon.  So, I've been catching up on my blog reading, straightening up, packing for a much needed weekend away with the girls and taking a walk around my neighborhood instead of a run.  It is nice to slow down and take notice.  I was inspired by this post.   I LOVE the 4th image.  Sandra Juto's blog always calms me, and makes me take notice.  I am grateful for her posts.

I am determined to not be too hard on myself.  Today is a rare day when my work day isn't to crazy.  The next two weeks are going to be busy and I know I won't have studio time.  But I am going to sketch and work through this.  I have lots of fun things on my calendar, but my day job is going to be very consuming between all the fun. I am thankful that I am busy at work, but can't wait to get some studio time!

more family talent

I love receiving post wedding presents.  It's always a nice surprise.  But THIS is awesome.  

It's always so special to receive something handmade, and especially from the artist herself!  My talented aunt Judy Deisher and my uncle gave this fantastic painting to us. Her work is so magical.  The butterfly is always a reminder of my Dad, and her work includes them often.  I also own a sculpture of hers, where the women is covered in butterflies.  

This fits perfect in our home, and I was so happy to hang it today!

(sorry for the poor image quality, boy I can't wait for a new camera!!)

20 May 2010


Happy morning! I wish I could snuggle right in there with our two boys, but off to work!

17 May 2010

Proms, trains, and automobiles

Hubby and I took our nephew to a friends prom in Ashland, VA this weekend.  It was a nice night away.

After taking pictures of all the lovely prom goers, we got to experience Ashland.  It's such a lovely small town, the surrounding country side is beautiful, and my favorite part is that the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac railway line runs right through the middle of town.  

We enjoyed a trackside table at The Iron Horse restaurant and indulged in an ice cream cone while walking through town.  Nephew returned safe and sound, and had a lot of fun!  I was thankful to have some uninterupted time with Hubby.  

16 May 2010

So Flattered!

While finally catching up on my blog reading - which is just one of my favorite things to do - I was so pleasantly surprised and totally flattered to find an I Love Your Blog award for me here .

How cool!! It totally made my day!!

I am excited to pass it on!  So I would like to extend this honor to Big Bang Studio.  I always look forward to not only the artwork, but the scenery, witty commentary and of course the recipes!

13 May 2010


 "Converging" oil and conte on canvas
When I was working on my BFA in painting, my senior thesis revolved around vessels.  I was inspired by my study abroad experience in Italy.  Specifically Sorrento, where from the cliff's above the Bay of Naples fishing boats turned into a more abstracted shape.  

 "Docked" oil on canvas

 "Head First" oil and graphite on canvas

A few years after graduation I was a resident artist at The Holt Center for the Arts. And I think it may be this painting that introduced the house form, I don't even think it was a conscience decision. 

 "Nested" oil and graphite on canvas

For 10 years I have been working with this image.  I keep thinking that it's time to move on. So most recently I feel like I am searching in the studio.  Obviously the house form is still front and center, but I am hoping by letting myself play something will develop.

not titled yet - 8 x 8" encaustic on birch panel

"conversation" 8 x *" encaustic on panel

not titles 4 x 6" encaustic on panel

This last one I started the summer my father past away as an acrylic on canvas.  But I just couldn't get it right.  I decided to try it in encaustic.  Still don't think it's right, but it's a start!
  11 x 14" encaustic on panel
Who know where this will go!?

11 May 2010

Not far from the tree...Part 2

Some of my Mother's new projects include "yard art"  which is really fun, and easy.  A great recycling idea for old vases, plates cups etc..  Just pick up some GOOP, and attach the glass items to make, bird feeders, candlesticks, cake stands, and more interesting vases.

She also took a class at The Visionary Art Museum here in Baltimore and has a had a great time making these 'flashes'.  The dogs love to chase the reflections across the lawn.  

My Mom has 4 sisters who are all creative, smart and fun.  They are like the ya-ya's but lucky enough to be related and close as well.  3 of the four sisters came in to town this weekend and aside from imbiding in there very dangerous daquiri recipe, they made even more yard art and took a flashes class.  

A great time was had by all!

I am a fortunate girl, to have such inspiring women in my life.