30 March 2010

Passover Seder

Last night, we were delighted to participate with some friends in The Passover Seder.  Hubby and I have never had the pleasure of attending one before.  Our host and hostess did a fabulous job.  The wine, of course was flowing and the meal was outstanding.  I think I'll be stuffed for days.

It was really a treat to be a part of their family's tradition.  Great conversation was had, and we learned a lot.  No matter your beliefs it is nice to reflect this time of year on new beginnings, without forgetting where we have come from.  We had so much fun that I was out WAY past my bedtime.  Whew, I am still recovering today.  

28 March 2010

The Neighborhood

Although Hubby and I live in an urban area, we are fortunate to live on a very fun block.  We know most of our neighbors by name, and many have become really good friends.  Friday nights in the summer we share cold beer and practice the grand Baltimore tradition of stoop sitting.  Over the winter we have gotten more creative and have been taking turns entertaining at various houses.  This weekend we attended a great pizza party!  Everyone brought different toppings.  My personal favorite, goat cheese, roasted red pepper and basil.  Yum.

26 March 2010

My Talented Sibling

My younger brother and only sibling is an actor.  But his photography is outstanding!!  He took some of my favorite photographs at our wedding, and I love when he does super detail shots of things to change there context.  Sorry there are so many, but I couldn't edit any more.  I really love all of these.  Hope you enjoy a little eye candy this morning.

I kinda want a really large...18x20" print for above my bed.  Either the pier or the candles.  
OK...back to my sketch book!

24 March 2010

Whoohoo a new artwork!

I feel much better! I would love to be back to an art marking routine. I know I shouldn't get too carried away, as I look at my calendar it seems the next guaranteed studio day is two weeks from now.  But I don't care I am so happy that I got to be there for almost a whole day.

The top piece is a new encaustic, not sure if it needs something else.  It's a bit of a departure for me, I usually don't work so minimally.  I utilized the birch panel background instead of fulling covering it. I may revisit it.

I also realized while in the studio I am a but rusty and not sure what I want to accomplish outside of the work that I am finishing up.  I really need to be in my sketch book more, especially now when studio time is scarce.  I want to be fully prepared to hit the ground running when I can.

So here is the almost completed birdhouse.  Sorry the pictures aren't great.  It's rainy and I had to take the pictures inside. I am planning on adding a clear gloss coat to it, and maybe adding a few more 'jewels'. (I don't want it to look bedazzeled though.)  

And last but not least, the Anguilla house.  I worked it until the paint was too wet to continue.  I feel like it doesn't look much different than the last post, but it will come together fast once I get all of this underpainting done.  And there will be some trees and flowers.

Rest of the week is work, and maybe finally getting some things accomplished around the house.  And sketching, lots and lots of sketching.

23 March 2010

Not enough time in my days...

Who knew I was so popular?!  It seems as if my dance card is a bit full.  I am certainly not one to complain about having fabulous plans, but...that list of responsibilities that I am putting off is starting to require another page on my notepad.  I am fortunate to be busy at work as well, and with the social calendar full my studio time is suffering.  I can get a little cranky when that happens.  Oh, and did I mentioned there is cleaning and laundry to be done?!  (That is moving real far down the list, thankfully Hubby is a big help!)

Good news is that I have a morning to get some painting done.  The birdhouse should be finished, and some more progress will hopefully be made with the Anguilla house.  If I'm really lucky I will have enough time to play with some encaustic pieces too.  I can't wait!!!   
Oh, and on a technical note.  Does anyone out there know how to make my header smaller?  Also, how do I make the side bars a bit more narrow, they seem to encroach on the body of my page.  I'm not super savvy with this stuff. Any advice is greatly appreciated.  

20 March 2010

Morning Run

As much as I think I am done with city living, I really do enjoy the scenery on my morning runs.  Especially on warmer, sunny mornings 

I'm sitting at my kitchen table trying to delay the inevitability of going to work.  It's such a beautiful morning, the windows are open, the plants on the sill are drinking up the sunshine and the dogs are laying here next to me.  I am already getting excited about filling up my planters with herbs, and flowers.  I usually wait until May, but I think I may put some pansies in tomorrow.  Yep, it's too nice to go to work.  Alas, I have to pay for those painting supplies somehow!  At least I have a window view. 

18 March 2010

St. Paddy's Day

Hubby and I always take the day off, to drink some Guinness and have some yummy corn beef and cabbage.  We start at a great hole-in-the wall (it's actually got more holes in the ceiling)Irish pub, and go from there.  Usually ending the day early to relax.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day to bar crawl, but we ended even early.  That was fine with me, the bars get to be a little too much for me after about 3.  Hope your St. Patrick's Day was fun!

16 March 2010

Which birdhouse?

So, I'm just not sure which direction to go in.  My first idea this week was do "A Birdhouse, Hon".  A nod to our kitsch Baltimore row house, marble steps, painted screens and some form stone.

Then lately I have wanted to play with meticulous pattern.  Something that I don't usually do, but so enjoy in others artwork. 

Finally, I played with the idea of soft colors, delicate drawing and ephemeral feel.  I guess we'll find out once I sit down in the studio.

The final product is for an art auction for "GEM".  One of my clients is super involved, and I am happy to support her favorite cause. 


We'll I decided to go with the last one.  The pink birdhouse.  It seems kinda fun.  I had so little time yesterday, but I did get it primed and ready to go.  I do have three more weeks, but I would of liked to knocked more out yesterday.  My simultaneous project is for my Aunt. It's a present for her friend.  The house belongs to her friends mother on Anguilla.  Their great-great-grandfather built it.  I've been there and it is beautiful!  This is the underpainting, it is going to become brighter and more suited for the islands.

  (Sorry for the flash photo.  It was late and rainy when I took this.)

My evening finished up with a great dinner that my brother and his girlfriend prepared.  We got to enjoy it with family and several good friends.  Back to the grind today!


14 March 2010

Worlds Colliding

 random picture of the start (we aren't in this).

Today was the annual Shamrock St. Patty's day 5K in Baltimore.  I am a very proud wife as my husband ran his first 5K, and did awesome I must say.  It was really fun.  A sea of green, great outfits, a juggling runner (seriously he was juggling and running), and cold beer at the finish. (No, it was not green!)  

I've been busy this weekend with tax paper work.  And trying to come up with my bird house idea.  I have a few hours in the studio tomorrow, and I mean a few. I want to hit the ground running, so I will have to finish up some sketches tonight, and just go with it.  At the very least it'll be fun!  

I had a nice surprise at work yesterday.  I met a new client, who I liked off the bat for being fun and stylish and wanting some fun hair.  (The secrets out, I'm a hair stylist by day!) As we talked some more we got into talking about art, and I mentioned my website.  I always hold back on mentioning this blog.  Funny, huh?  I think I am still getting used to putting it all out there, and then to say it to someone right in front of me, instead of through a computer screen. But guess what!?  My fabulous new client, has a fabulous blog!  She is new to it too.  We both talked about what a positive and uplifting experience it's been.  She has also met some awesome and creative fellow bloggers.  Go check out Transmission Me, and her new hair do!  Perhaps there will be a collaboration soon. 


12 March 2010

A nice rainy day

The boys and I (Bear is hunkered down in the corner there, as The Bear likes to do) are lazing around on this rainy morning.  I did venture out for a run, and it is a nice rainy day, warm and promising of spring.  My previous post was 50% successful.  It won't orient the images - obviously.  But happy that I figured it out.  Not sure I am happy with the toy camera app. I downloaded.  I may have to search out another. But very happy to have a new phone.

This week has completely gotten away from me.  I can hardly believe it's Friday!  I am a bit behind in my bird house designs.  The fundraiser has lots of artist all painting/decorating the same wooden birdhouse prototype.  At first I thought about encaustic, but what if you want it to be functional?  

I'm a bit sad that this week had no studio time.  I am going to try to carve out a few hours on Monday morning.  My brother and his girlfriend will be in town this weekend, along with a family friend.  I may have to sequester myself to accomplish some work.  

Now I am off to research some upcoming trips before work. Happy weekend!!

Mobile post

I'm attempting my first mobile post. (who knew I was so tech savvy?!) Here goes nothing.

09 March 2010

Can't get enough sunshine

Yesterday was just lovely.  I didn't get much studio time in,  but did spend some quality time with my Aunt.  She is my shopping diva/sponsor.  We always have such a great time searching for fun clothes and great deals.  I ended up with some fun spring shoes, and a fancy new bag from a good bargain place!  

I also have to say that just feeling the warm sunshine on my skin again and sitting out in the fresh air is THE BEST!  Hubby and I enjoyed a run in the park yesterday and the city has just come alive with everyone out and about.  

I am blessed with a few hours away from work today and am so glad to be able to tie up some loose ends. Next on my agenda is a project for a auction/fundraiser where I get to paint a birdhouse.  How fun!!  So I have been brainstorming about how to decorate it.  I'll share some sketches at some point this week.


08 March 2010

weekend wrap up

Saturday night we had a fantastic dinner in Arlington with good friends, and I wore my beautiful necklace made by Wyanne.  I have been attempting to take photographs of my cooking exploits, but I have discovered that I am not a very talented food photographer. So here is an OK shot of the homemade granola I made on Friday. I am enjoying the last bit of it this morning.

This last image is of the seagirt here in Baltimore.  There are so many more mammoth machinery that move coal, but it's a tricky location to take pictures from. I hope to get some more soon.  It is really cool during sunrise!  This was sunset this weekend. 

Off to the studio, and some fun time hanging with my newly retired Aunt! 

05 March 2010

The return of Motivation

This week has brought me back to myself.  I'm in a great new routine full of delicious experiments in the kitchen, some quiet pondering, evening walks, and even a great run with my husband.  (Who has been a great inspiration and voice of positivity).  I am full of new ideas and excitement to return to the studio.  It also bring great anticipation of a trip to see my BF in San Diego soon. 

Penelope Dullaghan said it best, although I am posting a day late. March Fourth!

03 March 2010

Catching up

I always want to post an image.  But alas, I couldn't find one for today.  I have gotten some great advice from some fellow bloggers, and this week has been a great one so far. Despite the fact that I haven't had studio time this week.  I have taken some nice walks with the hubby and we have been trying out some new recipes.  

I have fallen behind in my blog reading, and I've scanned a few post that I really want to go back and immerse myself in.  I hope to get an hour or two of peace soon to sit with some tea and catch up.  

Here are some of the blogs that I hope to catch up to...This house is beautiful!  Lily's rabbit seemed to make me happy with all the fresh brushstrokes, and that juicy slice of pink! I am in awe of Soul Mama's beautiful knit creations.  She has inspired me to try a sweater soon. (If I don't chicken out).  There is also Sandra Juto who is also a talented knitter and her photographs always cheer me up! I always like to visit Wyanne, just watching her video's make me want to run, not walk to the studio. Then there is Cathy and Michele, who's work I am always excited to see.

I am going to be late to work, if I don't close!!  I hope you get a chance to indulge in some blog reading today.  Forgive my lack of a photo today. 

01 March 2010

I have to say I am happy to say good-bye to February.  Although I am not holding my breath that we are done with our snowy weather.  So I will be REALLY happy to move into April, and then I can breath a sigh of relief.  I hate rushing time by, so I will try to enjoy every day that March has to offer up.  I am hoping that some of those days are productive studio days.  

This weekend was a nice combination of fantastic food, the company of lovely friends.  And I started making some travel plans to see my BF in San Diego.  I am dreaming about the ocean already. 
Today, at last, a lazy Sunday.  A quite morning, a nice brunch with the hubby and I hope to cap it off with a walk with the dogs. 

I have to admit I am feeling a little frustration of not having a work space here at our house.  It's really not possible due to space issues.  But I am finding that having to set up and break down all of my water based art supplies on the kitchen table is a bit of a deterrent for me.  I love being able to walk into my studio, and have all my materials just waiting for me in there place.  One day I will have a space just like that right here in our home - our next home.   So this weekend my creative media was yarn!