31 January 2012


Here's a peek at the newest dog portrait. I had wanted to document the process to share, but got carried away! So here it is at the middle stage, red under painting, shadows, background and a few highlights. Isn't he just the cutest?! I'll be sure to post the finished piece soon.

29 January 2012

Birthday Celebration

Miss V turned 1!  I can hardly believe it's been a year!!
Fun was had by all.  But this Momma is tired.  (Or maybe...it's sugar coma.)
I also have to give props to Hubby he iced all the cupcakes, including the giant one above.  Miss V was nice enough to share as a thank you.

In other news, I'm working on putting together show applications, may have finished some paintings, and am beginning renovations on a new website.  Stay tuned!

27 January 2012

Anselm Kiefer: Weekend Inspiration

Lot's Wife, 1989
Oil paint, ash, stucco, chalk, linseed oil, polymer emulsion, salt and applied elements (e.g., copper heating coil), on canvas, attached to lead foil, on plywood panels, 11 _ x 14 feet 

"Merkaba", 2002
Oil, emulsion, acrylic and lead objects on canvas
110 x 149-1/2 inches (280 x 380 cm)

The first time I saw Anselm Kiefer's work in person I was utterly dumb struck.  I wish I could remember the title of the piece.  It was in the late '90's at the Smithsonian.  It took up the entire room, it felt like, as it covered an expansive wall.  I couldn't get close enough, it begged to be touched.  The structure of it was daunting, and I imagined it hardly being contained by the ground it was painted on. I had seen the grit and grim of ash and strange mixed media elements in Rauschenberg, and Pollack's work, but here it was really used as a medium the intent was clear. I don't know about you, but I am always amazed that this artist that I have been in awe of is still out there today painting in his studio.  Maybe even this weekend. I hope you're creating too!

26 January 2012

Artist in Training

I guess that post title could refer to me too!! Little Miss V got a pack of yummy crayons for her first Birthday. (Where did that year go?). It's a testament to my self control that i didn't borrow them right away. Don't you just love a pack of new crayons?! In fact what a great B-day gift for anyone. It was really cool to watch her amazement at the marks she was leaving. Such a basic joy in creating something. Hopefully she doesn't loose that. I know I haven't.

25 January 2012

I'm an Aunt!

Or at least by proxy...this post is a little late.  My bestie really had her adorable little Miss G two months ago!! I am still mourning the fact that they are all the way over on the left coast, and I haven't even got to snuggle her yet!!  I am having so much fun spoiling her long distance though.  Here are the contents of my latest care package!! I'm excited to make another wreath for Miss V's nursery in gray, yellow and purple.  I got extra elastic to make more felt flower hair bands for her too.  But, as you can see she wasn't interested in being my model, so I'm guessing the head band days are over.  Who knows she's a fickle sweet pea.

24 January 2012

Cure for the Blues

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. After a few hours of being down I took Miss V for a walk. What is it about being outside that always cheers a body up? The fresh air and physical movement does wonders. And if that's not enough just play some Toddler radio on Pandora. (seriousness!) You can't help but smile, and this blogger has to dance. Hard to stay down after that!

23 January 2012

This Weekends Accomplishments

I got two nights in the studio this weekend, and no frost bite!  If my fingers didn't get numb I may have gotten even more finished.  These are some snippets of a new encaustic piece. I started with an oil under painting for the first time, and have been including some metal findings.  I can't even express how amazing it feels to paint again consistently.  Although, I hate when Hubby works a lot of overtime, it motivates me to get out into the studio after Miss V goes to bed.  Tonight I have to turn my attention to a pet commission, but I'm sure I'll spend a little time on my own stuff too.  I hope you had a productive weekend too!

20 January 2012

Weekend Inspiration

“Untitled # 0621”
Mixed Media  20”X 20”
“Untitled # 0582”
Mixed Media  20”X 20”

“Untitled # 0211”
Mixed Media  20”X 20”

“Nocturne in blue IV”
Mixed Media on Canvas 48”X 64”

I have forever been fascinated by beautifully subtle (and not so subtle), sensitive and abstract works.  I found this amazing artist Ivo Stoyanov through one of my favorite bloggers.  I feel like the linear marks carry a message or I can just get lost in the technique and gestures of the strokes. His work is complex, yet very approachable.  I just love it! Check out his website here.

18 January 2012

Somethin's Cooking

(I'm sure Hubby wishes it was dinner.) 

I have been getting 45 minutes a day in the studio/garage this week. (not counting heating things up and blowing fuses). It's been amazing. There is lots of stuff cooking! I'm trying out new techniques combining oil and encaustic. My two worlds colliding. There are some new collage materials in the works too. So much fun! I can't wait to share some new work!! 

P.S. The above piece is a variation on an image I have been working on in the years since my Father passed away.  It always seems to become trite, and not at all what I am going for.  Yet, I keep trying!  So I set out to scrape it back off and use the panel for another image.  (I did the same to the oil paint version too.)  But, now that I have a lot of it scraped down, I may end up toying with it a little more before scrapping it all together.  Wish me luck!

17 January 2012

Best Date Night Ever!

Our road trip date night was a roaring success!! Lily Stockman's show was just delightful. Finally seeing her work in person was only second to meeting her and her amazing husband! They were both our kinda peeps. So gracious and interesting!! I just can't say enough how nice it was to meet them both.

The ride up was great. And we even caught a bit of the playoff game in the car. On the way home we detoured in Phili. Hubby showed me around his old college haunts and then we grabbed a cheese steak at Pats which we devoured while warmly ensconced in the car.

It was such a fabulous night. I don't know how we're going to top it.

Then a little icing on the cake on Sunday; watching the Ravens win a divisional playoff! 

14 January 2012


Regine Ramseier 2000 dandilions at Artoll 2011

Finally!! I have really been enjoying my craft projects. And my commissions have been so satisfying and reassuring that I can even still make art! I didn't mean to sound so pathetic there. But it's been since I got pregnant that the idea well really has been dry. I've had problems sketching and I'm sure part of it is not being able to just play in the studio.

But this morning as a browse some of my favorite blogs I'm feeling inspired. I absolutely love to browse the collection of beautiful artwork here. And the post always lead we on a journey to all sorts of amazing artist. 

Then through Pinterest I found this and this. Two more amazing blogs.  LOVE!  The latter is where I found the breathtaking installation above.  They find all the great artwork for me.  
My sketchbook has finally got some action, and in less than a week so will my studio!!

P.S.  So excited about my adventure tonight!!  (Talk about being inspired!) Hubby and I are road tripping it to meet the amazingly friendly, talented and witty Lily Stockman at an opening of her new artwork.  I've enjoyed following her blog for a while now and I am super happy to meet in the real world.  Can't wait to tell you all about it.

P.S.S.  I apologize, sometimes the exclamation points get the best of me.  I fear I may talk like this too.

12 January 2012

No lie, it takes a village & Finally Happy New Year

So I must admit, It's taking me a while to get into the spirit of the New Year.  Don't get me wrong the "Shedder" in me loves the idea of cleaning up and putting away and getting organized.  I think a part of it is that I have had a hard time reaching any goals in the past year.  I don't want to set myself up for failure.  I've been pretty good at feeling guilty that none of the parts of my life are getting my full attention.  I rather be a little less hard on myself this year. Wait, that might of been a resolution that snuck in there. 

Not to sound as if I am lowering my standards, but I need to start with the small list of big things instead of the laundry list of all the things I could address.  In order to do this I am getting a little better at asking for help.  Miss V is most certainly my top priority.  So putting her in good hands so that Momma can find the rest of her identity is priority #1.  Thank goodness for Auntie, YaYa, and Hubby.  I really don't know how you Momma's out there do it!!  I am so glad that I have help!

So what's on the list?  Just for now, and when I can to get my runs in. A project that I've promised my Mother I would tackle, and to get into the studio and apply for shows.
And all of this will be done in moderation, no guilt, no time-line, just an effort to do more for me. So three items.  A list that can fit on a post-it note.  That is certainly new for me!

09 January 2012


Here is the last batch of gifts for friends!  All distributed last night.  Whew.  And of course I was working on them up to the last minute.  As you know time management with a one year old is not my forte!

Now I have one more rather large unrelated art project to tackle before I can focus on how to get my studio back together.  And then..how to stay warm while working in said unheated studio.  But that's minor.

I finally have some images I want to work on in encaustic.  It is certainly some kind of torture turning them over in my mind and then not being able to create them. 

05 January 2012

scupltures sketches


 Jime Dine

 Claus Oldenberg
I have forever loved the way sculptors draw.  There is this amazing way the medium of pencil, charcoal etc.. becomes rich and volumous as if they bring that 3rd dimension in.  There is a power to their simple line.  I like their sculptural work but I love the drawings.  Some of my favorite art books are just compilations of their sketches. I always find inspiration when I look at them.

As I painter I just can't seem to find that same depth in my own drawings.  So I will just enjoy theirs.