10 January 2014


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This is my view in the mornings when I let Bear out. I'm often inspired to take a picture. This morning it was a quick one, with temps hovering at 0 degrees, like a lot of the eastern seaboard.

As you can tell by my posting (or lack thereof) I'm struggling to find studio time. Thankfully my commissions have forced me into the studio. I even googled mother/artist and all I get is post about mothers of famous (male) artist. And to be clear I love being a mom and so grateful for Miss V and Mr J. but the struggle of balance is never ending. I find besides not finding studio time, I struggle with finding the mental space for being creative. I miss/need time for reflection, sketching just sometimes quiet. I do tend to come up with ideas while coloring with miss V. and will be excited when they make there way onto canvas.

But even as I type this I have Bears head on my knee and miss V on my lap. I try to take a breath and enjoy where my life is right now, because it will change so quickly. So the double edge sword is although I crave my creative space I feel guilty and think I should be able to multitask and fit it into my life now as a mother. Hence the googling. I'm guessing the change has to come from me to embrace this ebb and flow of life and realize the new definition of myself.
I didn't plan on getting so philosophical on this cold morning, but there you have it.  Now, back to snuggling.

06 January 2014

Christmas Commissions part 1

"Bensen" oil on canvas

The last few months my studio time has been spent on commissions.  pet portraits have been the focus.  The painting is a totally different approach than my personal work and there is something freeing in that.  I enjoy the focus and certainty that the pet portraits take. But the best part is the joy that it brings to people, especially when they are given as gifts.

I haven't ever properly marketed this aspect of my artistic life, knowing that I need to have more studio time to keep up with the actual demand.  So this year it'll be in full force, Etsy and all.  

03 January 2014

Beginning of the Year end of a show

My show at The Hampstead Town Hall came down this week.  It was probably the strangest place I've shown yet, but I thought it would be good introduction to our new town.  

I've been toying with the idea of showing some works on paper or prints of my work.  I have a new(ish) Epson archival printer thanks to the Hubby and can print my own. 

I hope to find the moments to update here more often, especially now that our new addition is close to 6 months old!! Mr J can surprisingly take up a lot of time.

Since we have moved I have yet to move my studio space.  For now, it makes more sense to leave it where it is.  In it's current location there are built in baby sitters so that I can get some work done.  I've mostly worked on commissions the latter half of this year. 
A goal for the new year is to schedule the studio time, as well as carve out at spot in our new home for drawing and maybe some new oil pastel work.  Happy New Year!