06 February 2010

Snowed in


In the middle of a blizzard here in Bawl'mer.  Two feet on the ground and still snowing.  A bit bummed that all my weekend plans are canceled. (Had a reservation at a restaurant I have waited a long time to go to :-()  But, the fridge is stocked, have a the first season on Deadwood ready to go, and plenty of wine!
I also have my supplies ready to work on my mail art postcards for the swap.  I'm going to make the best of it. I hope to be able to post some pictures of actual art work soon.  But until then...a winter wonderland.

I'm sure I take any more pretty snow photo's, I'll post them.  Have a good Saturday!


  1. Wow...and to think I'm freezing here in Florida at 50 degrees. Looks beautiful...but I'm kinda glad I'm down here. LOL

  2. oh, how i'm wishing for snow...that will never come in my neck of the woods :(
    enjoy a creative weekend!
    by the way, love the tree in your header.