13 May 2010


 "Converging" oil and conte on canvas
When I was working on my BFA in painting, my senior thesis revolved around vessels.  I was inspired by my study abroad experience in Italy.  Specifically Sorrento, where from the cliff's above the Bay of Naples fishing boats turned into a more abstracted shape.  

 "Docked" oil on canvas

 "Head First" oil and graphite on canvas

A few years after graduation I was a resident artist at The Holt Center for the Arts. And I think it may be this painting that introduced the house form, I don't even think it was a conscience decision. 

 "Nested" oil and graphite on canvas

For 10 years I have been working with this image.  I keep thinking that it's time to move on. So most recently I feel like I am searching in the studio.  Obviously the house form is still front and center, but I am hoping by letting myself play something will develop.

not titled yet - 8 x 8" encaustic on birch panel

"conversation" 8 x *" encaustic on panel

not titles 4 x 6" encaustic on panel

This last one I started the summer my father past away as an acrylic on canvas.  But I just couldn't get it right.  I decided to try it in encaustic.  Still don't think it's right, but it's a start!
  11 x 14" encaustic on panel
Who know where this will go!?


  1. Heather,

    Thank you so much for posting these images! Your paintings are wonderful!! I love, LOVE "Head First". And the addition of the figure beneath the winged house brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Wow- it's really great to see all of this work, Heather- I can relate to the search for new iamgery when you feel like it's time to move on, too. Your post made me realize, though, that sometimes it's the image that finds us...Anyway- I lov ethe abstractions you're playing with in some of these pieces.

  3. Thanks so much! I am trying to take the pressure off and just go with it.