25 May 2010

Girls Get Away

This weekend was a lovely beach get-a-way with the girls.  The house we rented last year was not available, but we stumbled upon THIS perfect guest cottage.  

The weather didn't co-operate with us at all.  Chilly, rainy and even foggy (which is a but unusual).  But we had a great time, drinking, eating and shopping.  We spent the majority of our time on the patio and chatting.  It was fabulous!

 I am already looking forward to next year's trip. (Maybe with some days that include some sunshine though)


  1. HOOOOW adorable! The cutest little guest cottage I've ever seen. Where is this? Maryland coast? It's so leafy and green already!

    Sometimes foggy and chilly can be perfect for curling up on porches and catching up with the girls.

  2. The cottage is in Rehoboth, Delaware. SUCH a cute town, so much personality.

    The weather did allow for some fun girl talk, and mucho relaxation!