04 May 2010

Iron Mountain

Yay!  A few hours in the studio yesterday, and two finished pieces. Finally!  Iron Mountain 1, and the Anguilla house are complete.  

The pics aren't the best.  I forgot my camera, so had to take the photo's with my phone.   I played around a bit in encaustic.  This image I attempted in oil a few years ago, and it just didn't work.  Hopefully it will come to life now.  I didn't quite have my sparkle as the afternoon wore on, so I ended up calling it quits a bit earlier than I had planned.  


  1. Heather these are all wonderful!! Really. I love them all. Love the colors. Love the compositions. Love the delicate lines of the bush branches, gate, and wings on the red house. Kudos!
    Can't wait to see more of your work.

  2. Gloria, Thanks!! I am really excited to see where the Iron Mountain series will go. And I'm sure the winged piece will change more as I work it.

  3. Heather- I love the bold simplicity of the red house piece- that red is so saturated! I especially like the blue background- with its brushy un-finished-ness. The wings make the whole thing begin to tell a great story- can't wait to see where the whole piece ends up!