16 April 2010


I had really hoped to post some new paintings, but all I have are sketches.

Trying not to get to frustrated.  It really seems like all my studio time gets sucked away.  Every Monday that I don't have to work, I try to set aside to get some work done.  Errands and appointments always take up more time that planned!  So I am working a lot in the sketchbook.  The upside is that I am more and more excited to actually get some painting done!!

I have some fun ideas for my rock formation paintings that make them feel a little more like mine. I can't wait to get the first attempt started.  

I also have to give a BIG thank you to Megan from Transmission me, for lending her technical expertise.  I know have a less obnoxious header and more room for larger pictures.  THANK YOU!!! 

Facing another fun and busy weekend. I also hope that I find some time to catch up on my blog reading, I gotta find out what everyone is up to!  Maybe I can live vicariously through some others studio time.  Happy weekend all!


  1. Hey- the new heder/ layout looks great. And I can't wait to see a worked up version of the sketch that looks like snow falling on a picket fence (no idea if that's what it was intended to be- but the general feeling of the composition is really exciting!)

  2. time spent sketching is never wasted.

  3. I love these sketches. The first two remind me of a spine. It's as though the spine is a house (and isn't it, though?). Very interesting!

  4. Thanks! I do need to remember that the sketches are important. I am so happy with the header! The small dots floating, and the spine seems to re-occur in my work. It hasn't really turned out the way I want, so still mulling it over. I love the spine as house! I also feel like it's a community, like a cul-de-sac. Spine like as well. huh. Lots to think about!