08 April 2010

Been there, done that.

I've been looking for some inspiration lately.  Sketching a lot, and working on some paintings for family to keep my creativity and mind working.  While hiking in California, I fell in love with rock formations.  Fellow blogger, at Big Bang Studio's, has talked about them before and now I truly appreciate what she means.  I've seen them before but never in abundance and wow, the color and patterns are so cool.  

I took a ton of pictures and all through the hike I imagined large juicy oil paintings and wet watercolors of these compositions.  But by the end of the trail all I kept thinking is that so many artist have done this before me, so many way more talented artists.  I wonder does anyone else do this to themselves?  The common sense part of me realizes that this is silly, that I bring myself to my art and that makes it different.  But, it seems easy to talk myself out of this.  I always feel like I need to find something new or reinvent.  When all I need to do it be true to my own creativity, and explorations.

I'm going to tackle one painting and go from there!


  1. Oh man...I've had this conversation with myself soooo many times. As much as I love how many amazing artists I've found online- how many examples of new interpretations of things I stumble upon, sometimes I end up talking myself out of trying my own take on the idea. So- go for it! Paint those rocks- chances are you'll surprise youself by finding how they fit into your own personal style. If nothing else, you'll spend some great, creative time tapping into the energy you felt while hiking. :)

  2. interesting...another artist/blogger posted on this subject just this week. http://woodblockdreams.blogspot.com/2010/04/looking-at-other-peoples-work.html
    perhaps it's some sort of collective funk.
    i think we all go through this from time to time. sigh.