22 February 2012

Sweet Spot

"Atmosphere" 18 x18" encaustic on panel

"Float" 12 x 12" encaustic & rust on panel
"Atmosphere" 10x22" encaustic, rust & metal findings on panel

As a runner, there is always talk about a "runner's high".  I'm not sure if I ever felt that specifically, but I do find that sweet spot everyone once in a while.  For me, it's when I am just in the zone and it's effortless.  On Monday night I had just a couple hours to be in the studio and in no time I found myself in that sweet spot.
I turned around "Atmosphere" and found what I think it needed. (You can check out the before here.) I was able to pull together "Abandoned", I started it last week and I wasn't sure what direction to go in with it. But I was just moving in that rythym where every decision I made turned out to be the right one for that piece.  
I kept moving and with my last remaining blank panel "Floating" appeared.  I'm sure it was a good thing that it was my last blank surface. At least that's what I am going to tell myself.  I mean, what if I could've just kept going like that?  It was great to have such a productive evening!  That sweet spot is like a drug.  If I had another surface I'd be out there tonight trying to capture that feeling again. 


  1. Heather, Abandoned is just lovely! As for that luxurious feeling of being in the sweet spot, i've heard a saying something like, 'artists are the luckiest people because they get to fall in love again and again and again.' i have often likened starting a new piece to 'falling in love.' wishing you more of those moments!

  2. Betsy, Thank you! What a great analogy, and it's so true! Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. Heather- I love the changes you made to atmosphere...and float is taking my breath away- wow- you are on fire this year! your work has changed so much since I first found your blog- it's been so fun to watch the evolution.

  4. Thank you! I feel like I am just realizing that my work is changing, when I sat down to write an artist statement. After such a long dry spell it's nice to be able to create again.