27 January 2010

work in progress

An absolutely wonderful day....a great run with a good friend, an extra big coffee, 5, yes I wrote that, 5 hours of studio time, lunch with my Mom, and a relaxing dinner with my husband.  That said, I'm not feeling really accomplished in the studio.  I kinda feel like everything I completed is....off...missing something or maybe they are just not there yet.  That's what I will take away from today.  It was fabulous to be creative, and maybe I used all my good juju yesterday morning, when I completed my Found Art Friday project. (check back here on Friday to see that piece that I love!)  So here are a few works in progress...

8 x 10" encaustic

16 x 20" encaustic

(3) 4 x 6" encaustic


  1. Hi Heather - I found your blog through Cathy Nichols' Found Art Friday. I really really love these paintings! I'm not that familiar with encaustic but I just love the blustery day feel of the first one and the colours and composition of the chair paintings! Gorgeous. :)

  2. Thanks so much! I think the chair painting may need something else, but I am glad the idea that was in my head translated. Goodness knows, it doesn't always!