15 January 2010

Studio Day!!

I didn't have as much studio time as I would of liked but I am grateful for the couple hours I did have and it wasn't even too cold today.  Like I mentioned before I am working on a piece for an upcoming show called "By Proxy".  The image below is that work (in progress).  I think I want to make the star like image on the left larger, and the new transfer to the right was a last moment addition.  My xerox transfers turned out pretty well.  I can't wait to utilize that technique more.  I'm going to live with it over the weekend and see what happens when I finish it on on Monday. 

"Conical" 10 x10"  encaustic on cradled birch (unfinished)

This fun chair drawing made it out of my sketchbook and onto this encaustic piece - also a work in progress.


  1. heather, these are INCREDIBLE! you're so badass for using encaustic- just the word "encaustic" sounds so daring, so eva hesse of you. i've never used the stuff. and the xerox transfers are rad. i want to know more about your process. and i'm about to go check out your other work. congrats on the show!

    you're amazing. this work is killer. i'm so glad i found your blog! and i hope you get lots of uninterrupted studio time this weekend!

    and ps- the pup in the bed is a sweet hound mix (we think english pointer-lab?) named dolly parton. cuz she's just a little bit country. and a lot of love. dolly is the bomb. she was a dump-and-run at the local shelter and since we adopted her she's grown into the most doting, gentle, loving she-mutt. god i love that dog. thanks for the sweet note!

    have a great weekend. xoxo

  2. hank you so much! I just started working with the encaustic in the last 2 years. It is really a lot of fun. If you would like any information about it, I'd be happy to share. The transferring is brand new to me. These are the first pieces I've used them in. I used wintergreen oil, and it worked really well.

    I so enjoy reading your post. It seems so beautiful where you live. I bet the landscape is totally inspirational.

    We have two rescued pups as well. A chocolate lab and a Shepard-collie mutt. I love any snuggle time I get with them. Even if they aren't supposed to be on the bed either :-)
    Thanks again for the kind words!

    P.S. LOVE the toy camera pics from your iphone. Another reason I would love to have one.

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