29 December 2009

Family Christmas and current commision

Well, I finally spent some time in the studio yesterday, mostly tweaking this current commission.  I am happier with it than I have been.  So..keeping my fingers crossed that the client feels the same!!
Here is the original, a piece that I did 12 years ago!! It's a 12x12"
The clients wanted it a bit more muted and soft, a less acidy underpainting
Here is the commission which is a 26x26"

I am excited to deliver it, and hope that they will be happy.  That is always such a stressful moment.  Usually I do commission from scratch, the duplication  process is completely different.

Yesterday was also my family's Christmas.  It was a fabulous night!  A yummy meal cooked by my brother and a good time with family. 






  1. Ah this must be the piece you were telling me of. I like the newer version best.

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Hi Heather,
    I hope your client likes the painting! I think you have done a great job recreating it on a larger scale! Call me in if you need backup, haha! Tanner