26 December 2009


I had some fun commission's this year.  Here are two. The first was an oil painting for friends that really liked this view of two bridges.  It was neat, to go and take pictures of them  to see their vision and then do an interpretation that was totally my own.  Very cool.
The next, was something different...I got to decorate and expectant friends bassinet.  She wanted images from "Goodnight Moon".


  1. Hey Heather, I really like the photos. The commission bridge painting is really good- excellent patterns in the trees in the far shore (you know I know how hard that is to do). Also like the encaustic with the birds on the ladders- again the background surface is really helpful to active the piece and set up a mood.

  2. Wow! Thanks a landscape compliment from you means a lot!!! The "Perched" piece is one of my favorites. The encaustic really lends itself to it the imagery. Thanks Phil!