22 September 2010


I have been feeling good!  Ran a 10miler with some friends at 17 weeks.  Here is a bump picture.  
I have been avoiding posting because I haven't been able to create anything in the studio.  I've been going, and just can't seem to create anything.  I'm gonna blame it on the baby! Must be using up all of  my creating energy. 

Did have some fun weekend trips with the girls. Vegas and the local beach.  They were bachlorette parties, so no pictures I can post!  But, I really wish I could post some pictures of some actual artwork!!  Here's to hoping I get some motivation soon.   And meanwhile, I am going to try not to be so hard on myself. 


  1. Stop being so hard on yourself is right!!
    You're super busy as it is, plus it takes up alot of energy just having baby Gerkin in there! You and the bump look gorgeous, and I can't wait to hear any news....It's Wednesday after all!!


  2. definitely stop being hard on yourself! if you're blocked in the studio, maybe just grab your camera and go for a walk and post a pic of something interesting...I loved your mailbox post a while back!

  3. Grow your healthy baby! That's enough for now.