30 August 2011


Everything is wonky!  There is no other word for it.  There have been a rash of small incidents at work, relationships ending, people passing away, and my dear Dakota has had surgery.  Add to that an earthquake and a hurricane and I feel very out of sorts.  

We've moved this weekend.  Our new abode looks like an episode of "Hoarders".  I am lucky if I get a box or two unpacked a day.  So we are living in disarray.  My sanity is being tried and I feel a great need for order.  
But for now I am trying to find peace with this wonkiness that I can't control.  These events that are weighing heavy on me, but can't do much to change. Lovely Miss V is in need of lots of attention these days too, I think she senses the changes.  So, I can only accomplish small tasks at a time. I keep repeating to myself; "This too shall pass."

25 August 2011

Lawn art

What can you do with this box of bowling balls and
and these tile samples?

 If you're my  talented Aunt, THIS.....

And if you happen to have some glass teacups, there is this too!

More from another talented Aunt next!

18 August 2011

So much to post! So little time!!

Just back from our family vacation in OH.  So much fun, so many things to post!  For now, here is Miss V. and her YaYa walking on the farm. Ahh, wish I was still there.

03 August 2011

more from the sketch book

Here are some more of my favorite "thoughts".